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icon-memberIBI 24 offers to all home owners in Ibiza a unique membership system enabling access to its unique services.

membercardAll of IBI 24 technicians, repairmen, maintenance crews and advisers are highly trained professionals in their trade with a permanent affiliation to our company.

Upon becoming a member, we will issue a personal coded card entitling you to the services and perks offered by our company. The membership provides the  following benefits:

- Upon appointment, we will visit your house for a first inspection, where a technician will create an inventory of all your installations, machines and all other technical info specific to your property. This process will help us create a technical map of the equipment, useful in case of scheduling maintenance or parts replacements.

- The technical information in this file will then be registered in a cloud accessible, when required, to our network of exclusive companies and, of course, anytime to you as a client. This system will insure that, in the event of a member contacting us for an emergency, we will know exactly where to go and, as all technical info is already available to us, we can respond fast and efficiently.

- A monthly newsletter with a summary of news and special offers related to a home owner's particular interests.

- Automatic access to all new services we will be adding at different times of the year.

- An annual gathering where we all attending members can meet and greet.

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